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Igor, please listen to Phil, or I'll...

Posted By: Barry Silliman
Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2013, at 12:56 p.m.

In Response To: Don't Give up Igor--we need you! (Phil Simborg)


1) kill this dog


2) write a 5,000 to 10,000 word essay that will make Phil's post look like an **NM** on why you should not give up on working to improve the game and grow the community.

You don't want to do that to the community, do you?

I'm sure you have a lot to offer. I Google'd you and I don't know too many Math Ph.D.'s who are dummies.

Sometimes silence just means people are busy with their daily lives. I know some tournament directors who follow this site, listen to what people are saying, but rarely post. (Of late I've been beginning to see why they've taken that position). But they are listening to you.

Sometimes criticism can seem unfairly harsh, but even in many of those cases it is just a matter of our electronic media making it more difficult to convey emotions effectively and thus opening the door to possible misinterpretations; the vast majority of the posters here usually mean well but every now and then some lack the people skills to effectively convey a message. Sometimes people who are generally well-meaning and have the best interests of bg in mind, might have an "off day" and make a post with some harsh words or criticism or other statements that they wish they could take back.

If you feel like you're doing something for the good of the game, keep doing it. You will never please everybody all the time. If you aren't being criticized it's probably because you aren't doing anything.

So, let me know if I need to write that long essay. This was just the preface.

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