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On the Fourth Day of Christmas...long

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, at 3:21 p.m.

In Response To: On the Fourth Day of Christmas...long (Stick)

>> On top of that I don't believe, and Henrik can correct me if I'm wrong, there's a minimum game or move length. It is stipulated that it be at least a 17 point match but guess what? I have found that you'll get a lot of 'odd man out' PRs when matches are drastically shortened. When I looked through all my matches I always looked at the number of games the match took.

This is true. There's no minimum number of moves required. We discussed that initially and decided to leave it out. It is not too many 17 pointers that goes below 100 decisions anyway. And those that do, will typically include a few difficult skewed-score decisions. Remember, that we do have a 5 match requirement, so maybe you'll get one at a discount - you will not be getting 5 this way.


I don't think I have any of Morty's matches, that are not available elsewhere.

I have some data on Mik, I'll share that with you - he's obviously one to be considered.

Lasse H Madsen played very strong in long periods - he's still active (although not as active as he has been). I don't have many matches from him, but he's ranked no. 2 on the DBgF ranking list, just behind Sander (who's been more or less inactive).

In the "grey area" you also find players like Thomas Jespersen and ACO - however, I cannot help you with any matches from them.

Mads Andersen has played 3 17 pointers in the DBgF team league this year, he lost all 3. I'm not sure if that qualifies as active in your book, I doubt it.

Of other former strong Danish players: Brian Elgaard (viffer) is also inactive , Lars Bønding has played a couple of league matches this year (17 pointers, won both) and won in the team tournament in Cannes I think, but otherwise largely inactive. I have no data for Peter Jes, he's not playing in DBgF. Bloxham has not played a rated match for about 8 years.

I'll send you a link for a page with a lot of PR data also, no cherrypicking - just need to find it :-)

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