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Don't overthink

Posted By: Daniel Murphy
Date: Saturday, 27 December 2014, at 5:16 p.m.

In Response To: Don't overthink (Colin Owen)

I think a key difference between the chess and bg scenarios is that in competitive chess (and usually also non-competitive, I believe) when you legally move a piece that is it, you can't reconsider your move....


FIDE Law 4.7 "When, as a legal move or part of a legal move, a piece has been released on a square, it cannot be moved to another square on this move."

Therefore, I find it difficult to disagree with Mochy that they are wrong in chess to consider it acceptable/ethical behaviour not to point out the lack of the opponents clock press.

In chess a player "having made his move on the chessboard, shall stop his own clock and start his opponent’s clock. A player must always be allowed to stop his clock. His move is not considered to have been completed until he has done so, unless the move that was made ends the game.... The time between making the move on the chessboard and stopping his own clock and starting his opponent‘s clock is regarded as part of the time allotted to the player."

If an arbiter is present, even the arbiter "shall refrain from informing a player that his opponent has completed a move or that the player has not pressed his clock."

Under FIDE rules a player is responsible for lawful handling of the clock and his opponent has no obligation to ensure that or to help his opponent fulfill his responsibility. What's "wrong" with that?

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