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Finish this sentence...

Posted By: Jack Mack
Date: Wednesday, 6 May 2015, at 10:09 a.m.

In Response To: Finish this sentence... (TarHeelFan)

>> ... Player-B being a bot (any bot of any strength of your choice), and being on roll playing against itself, try to make a coherent and logical argument why it should not double and why its opponent, bot Player-A should not drop.

> ... Perhaps we should start with you making a coherent and logical argument the other way (i.e., in favor of D/P). I don't want to waste my time until I see where you are going wrong.

I would think that you should be able to make the "coherent and logical argument" I asked of you guys without forcing me to fail to make one "the other way" or "in any which way"... :(

The only thing that might have caught your attention in my argument, which I was basing on stick's opening roll-outs, may be that I was asking you all to make a one time exception to the "doubling window" skill and make the first cube action outside of that. And then I would have made some more arguments.

I don't think i was being tricky at all but, okay, let's skip that step and move on.

This time pick stick's "cubeful" roll-out results for any opening roll. Then beg the developers of GNU or XG to do you a tiny favor to insert some non-sensical cube skill logic into their bots.

For example: If it's an odd day of the month and "A-Player" (i.e. either Player-A or Player-B, both being the same bot player) is ahead by a prime-number of pips, regardless of anything else, he should double.

Don't touch anything else, okay? In fact let the "Other-Player" take or drop according to your own "doubling window" BS, etc...

Now, re-roll-out the same opening roll.

What did you get? Ta taaaa! The same result as before!!

My point is, as long as both sides are the same bot, you can invent and program in any asinine cube skill to see that it will self-validate.

And if you or your book or your bot has enough fallacy credit (or "credibility") so that almost all of the so-called word-class backgammon elephants will try to imitate you/it, any asinine claim of cube skill (or checker skill for that matter) will self-validate...

Oh, here is the smiley thingy :))

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