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I object

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Monday, 3 March 2014, at 8:27 p.m.

In Response To: Non-biased Legal vs. non-legal moves poll (Art Grater)

I object. First, a tournament is designed to provide, as much as possible a level playing field. If you allow two players to arbitrarily play with different rules, they may or may not be playing a game that has the same amount of stress, intricacies, and challenges.

Second, if you allow the players to change one kind of rule, it is a dangerous precedent. Why do you draw the line? Can they then agree to play to a shorter match? Can they agree to put more time on the clock? Can they agree to allow the use of calculators?

Third, it creates problems for the tournament director if there is a dispute.

Forth, it creates problems for spectators who might see what they think is an infraction or someone taking advantage of another player but they didn't know it was a private agreement.

Does that mean that two players can agree to do things that are outside the rules ever? The answer is, they can, BUT ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. And the tournament director, in his wisdom, may decide that the agreement is not a problem to the fairness of the tournament or is necessary for other reasons.

For example, I play with an older gentleman that has trouble seeing the dice...I would allow his wife or friend to call the numbers and also, if he makes an illegal move, allow his wife to alert him--WITH the TD's permission of course.

If a match was running very late and holding up the tournament, and it was because one of the players was also in the finals or semi-finals of another division, as a TD I might determine, with the agreement of both players, to have them play a 7 point match instead of 11. (The other two players might object that they had an easier match, but as the TD I would take that into account and still make my decision based on what is needed for the situation.)

So the bottom line is that I am generally against changes in the rules, but if it doesn't hurt anyone and makes everyone happy and the TD agrees, then it's fine. And I think the TD should tend not to allow fundamental changes in the way the game is played, and I believe this is a fundamental change.

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