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Billy Meet Willy

Posted By: Pat MacNeil
Date: Tuesday, 4 March 2014, at 11:49 p.m.

In Response To: Imagine something like this.... (DanielP)

After Beginner Billy's introduction to Tournament play he eventually meets Wily Willy heads up months down the line. Willy is a seasoned pro who's been around around the block a number of times and knows all the tricks. Billy, not aware of Willy's dark side, naively extends his hand exclaiming "It's WONDERFUL to meet you, sir". "Yes, son, it is" replies Willy. The Match gets underway and is a tense affair right up until the break. Both are on their game with the score being deadlocked at the halfway point. During the intermission, Billy is informed of Willy's past transgressions. "That nice man across the table from me !!! " Billy says astonishingly. "You've been warned" said the concerned spectator. After the break, Billy is determined to see for himself just how nasty Willy is. He decides to set a moral trap for Willy and pounce when he takes the bait. At a crucial point in the Match Billy springs into action. Almost on cue Willy takes the bait. Jumping up from his chair Billy growls "You did that on purpose !!!". "Did what ?" exclaims Willy innocently. "You know what you did. Don't try and lie". Tempers started to flare and the resulting commotion was enough for TD Ted to make his way over. After both sides of the story were heard, Ted's decision was in favour of Willy. "Son, we're playing Non Legal Moves at this Tournament". I HAVE to abide by the rule of law". "But sir". "I'm afraid there ARE no buts, son". Billy lost that game and eventually went on the lose the Match. Willy, offering his hand for the customary end of Match handshake, was met with nothing but a glare from Billy. "Son, we have a certain etiquette we follow here". "Don't talk to me about etiquette you .... you .... you .... you cheat you". "Son, those are VERY strong words. I suggest you think VERY CAREFULLY about what you say next". Billy stormed out of the room and was later consoled by caring Mary. "You can't be mad" said Mary. "It's in the rules". "But it's not right" said Billy. "I know but it's just how it is". "Someone outta do something" said Billy. "Well if it makes you feel any better, there are people that are trying" said Mary. Billy went on to attend many more Tournaments after that and won the admiration of many of his peers for his unwavering stance on fair play. His game even won praise from many of the Giants he looked up to. Although he lost that battle, he was able to take solace in the fact he fought the good fight. Sappy, I know.


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