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Watch out for the social animals!

Posted By: Keene
Date: Wednesday, 5 March 2014, at 4:47 p.m.

In Response To: Watch out for the social animals! (Taper_Mike)

Mike Taper:

It is right and proper to criticize Herb Gurland’s actions. I don’t say this out of revenge or vindictiveness. I believe it is important to publicly air the issue so that players and tournament directors alike are sent a clear message that a significant portion of the backgammon community—perhaps the majority—does not approve of actions like his. Most of us believe that NLM was never meant to be pushed to such extremes. Any player who tries to do so should expect to meet with the strong disapproval of his peers.

As for tournament directors, many have argued that Rule 1.1 gives a director the right to deny a claim such as Herb’s on the grounds that more harm is done to the “fairness” of a tournament when NLM is extended to extremes than benefit is gained by it.

Rule 1.1 No set of rules should deprive the Director of his freedom of judgment or prevent him from finding the solution dictated by fairness and compatible with the circumstances of a particular case.

A public airing lets directors and players both understand that we want directors to start using this authority. It can done without the need for a change to LM.

The social animal argument: Even if it is not proper to criticize Herb, it is going to happen anyway. Peer-pressure is real, and there are consequences to ignoring it. Were I a friend of Herb’s, I would advise him to factor this into his decision making. Even he concludes that he was in the right, he may decide to behave differently if the choice ever comes up again.

I so UTTERLY and ABSOLUTELY disagree with this. It is NOT right to criticize Herb - or ANYONE for following the rules as they stand. I am extremely disappointed that this continues to happen. Its fucking ridiculous. Would you like to be criticized so publicly for following rules? The entire community just needs to get the fuck over this, and finish progressing our mainstream rules to be LM only. Stop with the noise over individuals. What was done was a FAIR and ACCURATE application of the rules.

As an example, what if player A fast rolled the shit out of a game / match - for whatever reason. His opponent chooses to apply the rules of making rolls stand or re-roll, depending on what his play will be. Are you going to lay the very public hammer down on player A's opponent for following the rules? No, you wont. Its unreasonable.

I havent event met Herb - I dont think - and I am sick of this. The namers of names, and the public shamers out there. What you are doing is harmful to the game, to the people, and to yourselves. I simply dont understand how you dont see this.

This piece of this thread makes me sick.


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