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Just one more argument for Legal Moves

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 29 October 2013, at 1:49 p.m.

In Response To: Impossible Move in Connecticut (roadkillbooks)

The person I feel sorry for in this situation is Herb. Because this tournament, and many others, has decided to continue to use a very bad rule that puts people in a very bad position, Herb now has to decide whether to follow the tournament rules or "be a good sport" and correct an opponent's mistake.

It's a tough call where to draw the line. What is "good sportsmanship" and what is not is very vague, and a real ethical problem. If Herb corrects the mistake, why not let the opponent get away with a lot of other mistakes he might make during the match, such as a fast roll, or forgetting to hit the clock, or forgetting to pick up a checker he meant to hit, or picking up his dice before his turn was over, etc. etc. Where do you draw the line?

The fact that it is a disgusting position to be in, and a horrible way to win a match by having your opponent make a terrible, illegal play, is just one more reason why we all need to play Legal Moves so that we are not put in this position in the first place. So that the game can be more genteel and fair and friendly.

All those who argue that Legal Moves allow cheaters to take advantage of us have, in my opinion, the wrong spirit for what this game should be. This game should be played with the assumption that we do not have cheaters. If and when there is a bad actor, which is rare, then that is a different kind of problem that should be dealt with very harshly. With Legal Moves or not, there are ways for a cheater to take advantage, but if we are honest and fair people, Legal Moves makes for a far better game and removes the kind of situation, and many others, described here.

You can't fault Herb for following the rules, however, many of us, including me, would not have taken advantage of this kind of illegal move because we know it is a bad rule and we trust that our opponent would do the same.

However, when I am at a tournament that does not play Legal Moves, I ask every opponent if he would agree to Legal Moves, and if that opponent said no, and then made this mistake, I would show him no mercy, as I would expect he would do the same to me!

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