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Just one more argument for Legal Moves

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2013, at 6:23 a.m.

In Response To: Just one more argument for Legal Moves (winfox)

I believe that when you agree to play legal moves in a tournament where that is not the stated rules that you are not violating the tournament rules, as, when a player makes an illegal move you have the choice to make it legal or not. We are both simply agreeing to make the legal choice if and when the time comes. Of course, I am trusting my opponent and he is trusting me, as if either one of us goes back on our word at a critical point in the match, the TD can only uphold the rules of the event. So I would recommend that if players do agree to legal moves, they both write it on the top of their scoresheets to note that, so there can be no misunderstanding later.

I continue to be amazed that people blame Herb for his decision. He simply followed the rules and took advantage of a mistake his opponent made. He has no idea if his opponent would have been kind enough to allow him to change a mistake, and he has every right, under these stupid and disgusting rules, to allow the illegal move to stand.

The fact that many of us think this is a disgusting way to win a game or match is only evidence that a) the rules should be changed (and many tournament directors around the world have seen the light); and b) you should agree to legal moves with your opponent every round. Again, if the opponent wants to stick with the tournament rules, then he should live and die by the sword he selected.

For any tournament director to override and overrule the rules of the game that he instituted and established is simply ridiculous. If the TD thinks it is not "fair play" to make someone live with an illegal play, then he should not have had those rules in the first place.

It amazes me that anyone can make an argument otherwise. But I am constantly amazed by the lack of respect for the rules. There are many rules I don't like (and am trying to change) but I follow them as best I can, and if I violate a rule, intentionally or otherwise, I am more than willing to graciously accept the consequences. If I failed to pick up a checker I hit, and we were not playing legal moves, NOT ONLY WOULD I NOT EXPECT MY OPPONENT TO ALLOW ME TO CORRECT IT, IF HE OFFERED I WOULD POLITELY THANK HIM FOR HIS GRACIOUSNESS AND I WOULD TELL HIM THAT I HAVE TOO MUCH RESPECT FOR THE RULES TO ALLOW HIM TO MAKE THAT CHANGE. If he insisted I make it legal, of course, I would have no choice, because he has that right, but then I would probably make an intentionally bad play equal to the error.

HERB DID NOTHING WRONG OR UNSPORTSMANLIKE IN ANY WAY. The rules is lousy, and the only argument that holds water about allow illegal moves is to help prevent people from intentionally cheating, and that can happen, of course, with either rule. So worry about cheaters another way and lets play a nicer, cleaner game of backgammon the way it is meant to be played: with courtesy and good sportsmanship, and with all moves being made legally.

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