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Don't create situations in the first place!

Posted By: Colin Owen
Date: Thursday, 31 October 2013, at 3:32 a.m.

In Response To: Just one more argument for Legal Moves (winfox)

I think Herb didn't do the right thing on this occasion; and he missed an opportunity to win some more people over. But it is not right to judge someone on one such incident, even more so as he was within his rights anyway (in albeit badly written rules). Judge a player on the basis of their behaviour throughout their bg life. Sounds to me like Herb has been a good guy thus far.

The original poster who's illegal play created the situation may have been under some time pressure, but there are just too many players who pay little attention to following proper procedure. Moving chequers after hitting the clock, early reaching for the dice and even early picking, creating grey areas about their dice shaking or just not shaking at all (even worse if you've refused a baffle box), shaking when your opponent is trying to think, doing pip counts with your hand over the board obstructing the view of chequers when your opponents clock is ticking, regularly leaving pieces way off centre of the points (even though your opponent keeps adjusting them), throwing dice in such a way that they quite often come out at somewhat different times and you don't really know if the roll should stand, repositioning the dice without saying a thing, carelessly knocking the dice whilst making your play and then not putting them back or even saying anything... the list is almost endless.

In one's private heads up games, private matches and chouettes we can practise (and therefore develop) bad habits if we want: if our opponents don't like it we might not get another game or session. But in a tournament we should try to develop and maintain the best habits and practices, thereby avoiding most 'situations' in the first place.

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