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If I were a TD and this came to my attention

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Tuesday, 29 October 2013, at 5:43 p.m.

In Response To: Impossible Move in Connecticut (roadkillbooks)

First, if I were a TD I'd likely run events that at are a minimum clocks preferred and legal moves.

I don't really see that what happened here is a clock issue, but a player playing after his turn and one of the technicalities when playing in non legal move events.

If I ran the event in question (not legal moves and clocked), and someone approached me as TD to rule here is what I would have done:

a) Issued a warning to RKB that he must (with clocks) make his play before he hits the clock.

b) Not issued any warning to Herb. Technically (whether I like it or not) he made a choice within the ambiguous (IMHO) rules that exist.

c) I would have ruled that the HIT must stand and Herb's piece has to go on the bar. I rule this way because at a minimum the hit was forced, so there is no grey area about whether a hit was intentional.

d) Told Herb he is more than welcome to take my decision to the dispute committee

e) At committee on giving my side of the story as TD, I would have said that the hit was forced so I ruled Herb should be on the bar. I would have also said my decision was in the best interests of the event, and fairness to everyone who comes to my event and that I had invoked Rule 1.1's clause that says "No set of rules should deprive the Director of his freedom of judgement or prevent him from finding the solution dictated by fairness and compatible with the circumstances of a particular case."

If however RKB had an alternate way to make the play without the hit then I would have allowed Herb's decision to stand.

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