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Impossible Cube action in FL

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Thursday, 31 October 2013, at 5:24 p.m.

In Response To: Impossible Cube action in FL (Bob Koca)

Howdy Bob,

"Agree that ABT rules do not have a "match cannot end on a dropped cube" rule (unless it was a dead cube as defined in those rules such as 2away 2away with cube going to 4). The Simborg -Horton - Bower rules very specifically say the match cannot end on a cube. They also indicate that the cube is legitimate."

Yes, at 2away-2away the match is guaranteed to end (both players have enough) so it is a dead cube and thus doesn't apply within the current rules. Same would have been true is the match was 4away-4away and the cube was, or it was 6away-7away and cube was already on 8 etc.

We agree, and I was well aware of the new rules. However unless the event is actually using the new rules, a TD just can't arbitrarily take their posted rules and then say, well the intent was over in these other rules.

However, if I had ever been faced with a match ending on a drop (As a TD) with the existing rules I would have invoked rule 1.1 in a heartbeat. It would be a case where I once again understand the technicality involved, but I believe sometimes a TD has to rule on the side of fairness. Again, I'd have no problem for it going to the appeals committee. If they overrule me fine, but it doesn't really change what I perceive is right for the event and Backgammon players in general for a case like that.

And if I ever adopted the new Bower et. all rules I would add a dead cube rule to it as a house rule (published) for my events. As you point out the cube would be legitimate, and to my mind that is because the last time I looked I didn't recall any dead cube rule at all in the new rules.

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